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Colouring book

I have such a fascination for the Celtic Culture that I have created a Celtic colouring book!

Celtic Colouring Book of Irish Mythology
Celtic Colouring book - Selkie sneak pee
Celtic Colouring book - Dagda sneak peek

Featuring over 50 pages of texts, original black line illustrations and Celtic knot ornaments, this colouring book will carry you back to ancient times and help you discover - or rediscover - some of the main protagonists of Irish mythology.

About the book:

Over 50 pages of texts, original black line illustrations and Celtic knot ornaments. The book is in 3 parts:

In the first 2 parts of the book, "Gods & Heroes" and “Fairy Creatures”, a full page of intricate unique black line illustration faces a richly ornamented explanation page to get you more familiar with each character. In the third part of the book, "Animal Symbolism", you will find one page per animal to both colour in knotwork animal designs and read about their meaning in ancient Celtic beliefs.

There are 2 versions of this book:

  • standard edition (from €9.99) with a regular binding and paper. Available online on Amazon and Book Depository.

  • And a limited artist edition (€22) with a very thick paper and a metal spiral binding. Please contact me directly for the artist edition.

UPDATE: Limited edition is now SOLD OUT!


Join the group: Sign up for the Facebook group "Celtic Coloring Club - Fans of Aurelie S" and share your colorful pages with other fans!

If you like this book you may also like this calendar:

Deviantart Calendar - Front Cover.jpg


Deviantart Calendar back cover corrected


This calendar based on Irish Celtic Mythology features 12 of the characters from my Celtic colouring book.


Contact me to pre-order!


More info about the calendar:

Type of calendar: Wall calendar - Double

Orientation: Landscape

Paper: Matte finish, very thick paper

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